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Printer kleaning kitCare of your label printer is essential to maintaining good quality print. As with all things mechanical regular care and maintenance of your printer will increase its useful working life and reduce the chances of it breaking down.


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To help you with this TSC Barcode Solutions Ltd have partnered with Columbia International to bring a range of products in to one kit that will make the task of caring for your printer as easy as possible. These products together with the following few simple tips on how to look after your printer will ensure many years of quality printing.

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Print head cleaning spray


If you find the print quality is deteriorating it is probably because minute particles from the atmosphere including paper dust form the labels falls on to the ribbon and builds up behind the print head. You may find that cleaning the print head will solve the problem. Cleaning the print head every time you change the ribbon will increase the life of the head and maintain the quality of the print for longer, extending the time between services and engineer call outs.

Platen Roller cleaner and restorer

The purpose of the Platen roller is to pull the labels through the printer and keep them in contact with the print head. As it ages it will begin to loose its "sticky" quality and become hard and shiny on the surface. This causes the labels to slip and the print begins to appear squashed. If left too long the platen roller will need to be replaced. Regular cleaning with the platen roller cleaner will help to maintain the roller in tip top condition and ensure good print quality.

Label Remover

Occasionally labels will come off the label roll and become stuck around the working parts of the printer. Undue effort or lack of care in removing these labels can damage the delicate parts of the printer such as the print head and platen roller. The label remover spray dissolves the adhesive and allows you to remove any stuck labels carefully and without damage.

Lint free cleaning wipes

Abrasive or non lint free fabrics can wear or scratch the print head. Our cleaning wipes will ensure the careful application of the print head cleaning spray, platen roller cleaner and labels remover.

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