Forth Ports uses Psion and TSC solutions to run major supply route to Scotland and London

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Psion 7530 and 8525 Brings Speed and Efficiency to Port Operations


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TSC Barcode Solutions Ltd, a market leading supplier of mobile data collection systems, and its partner Psion today announced that Forth Ports Limited, a group of regionally based ports in the central belt of Scotland and Tayside, is using its solutions to handle more than nine million tonnes of cargo coming through its dock facilities every year.

Forth Ports i
ncludes Grangemouth, which is Scotland's largest container port serving both the Glasgow and Edinburgh Metropolitan Regions, and the Port of Tilbury, which is London's major distribution hub for South East England. All the ports within the group are using Psion equipment to track, handle and ship all incoming and outgoing materials in an efficient and cost effect manner.

“This is a very busy place. There’s no room for error. We needed a system that is fast and efficient so that we can track everything that comes through our ports while at the same time withstand the harsh Scottish weather,” said David McInnes, IT Manager at Forth Ports. “Together with TSC Barcode integration, Psion products are good quality and reliable. We know it works and our business depends on it.”

“TSC recommended The Product and Solution and the Forth Ports internal team deployed it. TSC Barcode Solutions is a leading provider of mobile computing, barcode and RFID data capture and label printing systems. TSC barcode upgraded Fort Ports’ solution with Psion’s new 7530 Narrow Band units that included faster processing as well as larger and improved screens to enable access to sophisticated productivity and reporting software any time of day or night. Fort Ports also has Psion 8525 vehicle mounts.

Psion was an early pioneer with narrowband radio technology. This secure, optimized radio technology offers superior coverage characteristics for large outdoor environments. Psion’s newest generation narrowband radio utilizes the latest technology and is backwards compatible with previous generations of products.  For Forth Ports, the Narrow Band connection decreased operational costs by allowing RF coverage over the whole of the port area, some 3 square miles, with only 8 radio base stations and therefore allowing all personnel who need it access to the back office system throughout the site.

Psion's 7530 is engineered to meet the performance and durability requirements for data collection in the harshest of environments yet ergonomically crafted with the user in mind. The 7530 is sealed against dust and water with an IP54 rating and can withstand 1.8 meter (6 ft.) drop to polished concrete.

The high level of modularity, combined with Psion’s hardware and software development kits that allow customers to build their own applications, enables the development of thousands of buildable combinations for the devices to meet the needs of almost any business. For example, The 7535 offers a choice of scanners, radios, displays and keyboards to ensure a solid fit with a customer’s requirements.

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More about RF and Narrow Band networks


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